Purple Pillow

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Pillows | Most Comfortable Bed Pillows | Purple

Purple Pillows. You have a good head on your shoulders. Give it the innovative comfort it deserves with a pillow designed to properly support both the head and …
The Purple Harmony Pillow
The Purple Harmony Pillow
  • With the Purple™ Hex, get total head and neck support and absolute airflow so you’re always on the cool side of the pillow.


  • The Purple® Harmony Pillow is the only pillow with innovative 360º Purple Grid™ Hex. Combined with the hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core and a moisture-wicking cooling cover, the Harmony Pillow provides just the right amount of soft support your sleepy head has been dreaming about.

The Purple Pillow
The Purple Pillow
  • New age comfort science for cool ergonomic support. Now including Purple Pillow Boosters adjustable-height inserts.


  • Soft and Supportive
    The Purple Grid is both soft and supportive, so it gently cradles the head and neck with No Pressure Support.


  • Pillow Cool Breathable
    With hundreds of open-air channels for Absolute Airflow™, the Purple Grid™ keeps you comfortably cool all night long.


  • Pillow Ultra Durable
    The Purple Grid is ultra durable, keeps its shape night after night, and is ready to take on all the naps that will come its way.

Kid Purple Pillow
Kid Purple Pillow
  • Meet the world’s first and only kid pillow with the Purple Grid™! We’ve designed a special, extra-soft formulation of the Purple Grid, and made a pillow that’s smaller and lighter so your kid can get the great sleep and comfort they deserve.


  • Extra Soft and Supportive
    The Purple Grid™ is reformulated specifically for kids, providing them the right amount of soft, No Pressure Support™ while gently cradling their neck and noggin.


  • Cool Breathable Kid Pillow
    Hundreds of open airways in the Purple Grid and a soft, breathable Breeze Mesh cover promote airflow to help your kiddo stay comfortably cool all night long.


  • Ultra Durable Kid Pillow
    The Purple Grid is ultra durable, keeping its shape night after night. It’s also satisfyingly stretchy, making it a blast for kids to play with!

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The Purple Plush Pillow
Kid Purple Pillow
  • Your comfort zone is just a quick zip away. The adjustable, cool, and oh-so-huggable Purple® Plush Pillow is comfier than sleeping on a cloud. With the adjustable extensions on either side of the pillow, you get to choose if you want a softer or firmer pillow.


  • Keep Your Cool
    The Lyocell-blend cover is specially designed with cooling, moisture wicking, and breathable technologies so you have a refreshing sleep every night.


  • Cuddle Your Comfy
    The oh-so-huggable “smart fluff” rebounds with interlocking poly fiber balls technology which gives you more support and an all-night cuddly feel.


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